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All That You Didn’t Know About Waffles

Of all the foods that deserve global attention, we can agree there is no better candidate than the humble waffle.

#InternationalWaffleDay falls on March 25th courtesy of the Swedes (the people, not the cabbage derivative). However, that’s not the only public festival to be held for our favourite snack. Today marks #NationalWaffleDay in the U.S.A, a place where 2.4 waffles are eaten every second. Waffle House

Oh Boy, Waffles Are Popular!

A bit like Anne Widdecombe, waffles have been around since the 14th century. Once a culinary snack crafted for the wealthy, recipes have since opened for everyone to enjoy. The Waffle House currently sells over 145 waffles every 60 seconds on American soil, having served up 877 million examples since the brand’s conception in 1953. As such, the company claims to be responsible for the consumption of 2% of North America’s eggs.

Waffles Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

The Waffle House boasts an extensive disaster management plan, featuring on-site and portable generators alongside food supply and water ahead of severe weather. The ability for a Waffle House to remain open after Hurricane-force weather has led to the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA) using the ‘Waffle House Index’ as a measure of disaster recovery.

Basically, ‘If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad…’

Waffles inspired Nike’s first pair of sneakers

Have you ever wondered how Nike achieved its market dominance? You guessed it. Waffles! The company’s history began with a shoe dubbed the ‘Waffle Trainer,’ created by Bill Bowerman. He was watching his wife use their waffle iron one summer morning in 1971 when he had an epiphany. Bill realised that the honeycomb shape of the waffle would make the perfect design for the sole of an athletic trainer. To seal the legend in place, Bowerman then used his wife’s waffle iron to craft the base for the first Nike trainer. Not quite sure how he explained that one to her...

The World’s Largest Waffle was…

...8 feet long! That’s enough beauty to leave any warm-blooded human in tears. Weighing in at 110 lbs (50kg), the most substantial waffle was created by Stichting Gouda Oogst in Nieuwe Markt, Gouda, deep within Dutch borders. Cooked up on June 29th, 2013, the giant creation had a diameter of 2.47 m. What happened to it? Take a guess…

World Record for the most eaten

Patrick Bertoletti may sound like just a name, but this guy is a bonafide legend. He is the current international Champion for Waffle Eating. Yup, it’s a thing. This guy also lays claim as the previous champion for the world-renowned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Wing Bowl. Patrick is a serious foodie!

Capable of scoffing down 29 full-blown waffles in ten minutes may not sound like much, but imagine them piled together. And then imagine the 12,000 calories that need to be digested. No wonder his record hasn’t been broken.

Waffles are responsible for the Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone Waffle

Legend time! Except, this one seems to be true. When an ice cream vendor at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair ran out of cups, he sought the assistance of a nearby waffle stand to help him out. The ice cream vendor folded the waffles and used them to make the first-ever ice cream cones. As a direct result, the course of Ice Cream history changed forever.


The best aspect of waffles? They can be eaten at any time of day, with the ability to support almost any topping - whether it be sweet, or savory, or both! Waffle day is a great excuse to experiment with toppings, with the nation’s favourite spearheaded by melted butter and Maple Syrup, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, ice cream, bananas, and strawberries.

For those who claim to be a waffle connoisseur, the likes of brandied apricot butter, blueberry syrup, chocolate, fudge sauce, or bourbon whipped cream come highly recommended. However, it’s not just the sweet stuff that people crave.

Waffle Toppings

Some toppings may sound repulsive at first, but we think they work. Savoury favourites to sit atop your waffle include macaroni cheese, avocado, fried cheese, fried chicken, salsa, sauteed mushrooms, pulled BBQ pork, and mango chutney.

You can use waffles as a pizza base!

We think this is genius! Simply apply a covering of tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese before then placing under the grill until the cheese has melted. Give it a try. You can thank us later.

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