Basket - Quick Settings
How to set up your online store the way you want it
Step: 1
Within quick settings, you can change the way your store appears to customers and the limits you wish to set. Simply slide each slider to the right setting.
Step: 2

Set minimum delivery turnaround

This is the quickest time you can have an order packed ready for a customer to collect. Set this at any duration between 10 and 50 minutes.

Step: 3

Delivery turnaround

This is the time it takes you to process an order, get it packed and ready for delivery. You can set it between 10 and 60 minutes.

Step: 4

Set delivery radius

Refers to how far you wish to offer delivery from your store – so, if your store is the centre of a circle, the slider sets the radius of your delivery area.

Step: 5

Business Operating Hours

This setting advertises to your customers what time the actual bricks and mortar store is open.

Step: 6

Set delivery timings

This refers to the delivery opening hours – during this time you will be available to offer deliveries. People can still place an order outside of these times – but they won’t be looked at until the next open time. This might not match the store opening times- but might be when you have a driver available.

Step: 7

Set collection timings

This refers to when the store is able to pack click and collect items. Since no driver is required, you may want to set these times to match the store opening hours or you could set these hours according to staffing levels.

Step: 8

Set delivery charges

You can set your delivery charges as a fixed rate such as £3 per delivery or per mile, such as £0.50/mile. Or you could do both, for example £1 per order plus 0.50 per mile. Some stores don’t make a charge at all. It’s up to you.

Step: 9

Set minimum order price

You can decide if you require a minimum order price – you certainly don’t want to be delivering a single chocolate bar at a time! Consider the lowest amount you can deliver, taking delivery costs and charges into account.

Step: 10

Future accepting date

Toggling this switch ON (orange)allows your customers to make an order for a date into the future, up to a week ahead. Switching it OFF (white) means customers can only place an order on the day they are shopping (today).