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Independent C-Stores Take Sales from Supermarkets
A continuing above-inflation average basket spend growth in standalone independent convenience stores suggests that c-stores might be stealing sales from supermarkets. In September average basket spend grew again by +3.5% year-on-year to £6.38. By contrast, footfall declined by -3.1%. This c-store shopping trend of “little more and less often” that we have observed since May 2019 might indicate that some weekly supermarket baskets are being replaced by larger baskets from small shops.
Category growth analysis supports the hypothesis: sales of the two main contributors to average basket spend – bill payments and tobacco - have been falling in the past five months. Sales of tobacco increased slightly in August and September compared with last year driven by RYO and tobacco accessories that have a lower price point and spend.

In September, sales of food and drink increased year on year: food-to-go +12.5%, cakes +6.1% snacks +4%, biscuits +3.2%, chocolate confectionery +2.6%, frozen food +1.9%, alcohol +0.8%. Sales of non-food products declined betwen -2.2% and -3.4%.

What's up and what's down in c-stores?

In September, sales of food and drink increased year on year:
  • Food-to-go +12.5%
  • Cakes +6.1%
  • Snacks +4%
  • Biscuits +3.2%
  • Chocolate/Confectionery +2.6%
  • Frozen food +1.9%
  • Alcohol +0.8%

However, in contrast, sales of non-food products declined between -2.2% and -3.4%.

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