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Make the most of the final Christmas Sales
Are you ready for the final dash towards the big day?

Here is your definitive guide to those last-minute essentials that shoppers will be grabbing just before Christmas! Christmas 2020 was unusual because we all had to change our plans which definitely swung the data, but sales of the items below peaked in the final weeks before Christmas in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Kitchen foil/Foil platters/Foil containers: No-one wants a blackened nut-loaf or extra washing up on the big day – get your foil at the ready!

Last Minute Christmas - Foil/Foil containers
Last Minute Christmas - Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire puddings: I know, it’s not traditional – but either there are plenty of households celebrating with a joint of roast beef or there are those who fly in the face of tradition and eat a Yorkie with their turkey!

Stuffing: It’s easy to forget the stuffing when stocking up on so many other delicious items – but a Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without it!

Last Minute Christmas - Stuffing
Last Minute Christmas - Flour

Flour: It could be Christmas Eve sugar cookies or mince pies for Father Christmas - whatever the children are putting out this year, they’re going to need flour!

Cranberry Sauce: Another essential trimming – thank goodness for our trusty stores – sales were especially high in 2020 when Christmas plans were changed - but we see a peak in sales each year so make sure your customers can find it!

Last Minute Christmas - Cranberry Sauce
Last Minute Christmas - Turkey Gravy

Turkey Gravy: It’s impossible to imagine a Christmas dinner plate without it, and yet it seems, plenty of people forgot to get some earlier!

Brandy Butter/Brandy Cream/Brandy Sauce: These items are not sold in earlier weeks but you can see from the charts that they do very well in the last week before Christmas – drizzled over a mince pie or melting on a Christmas pudding, luxury itself.

Last Minute Christmas - Brandy Butter/Brandy Cream
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