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Making Meal Deals Work
You probably already know how much of a boost a well-crafted meal deal can bring to sales. But how do these work and how can you use them to their full potential?

Shoppers want a balance of convenience and value. The constant price wars of the large multiples and the recent rise of the discounters versus the continuing resilience of c-stores are all signs that shoppers want a mix of convenience and value and are willing to shop around, and pay a premium to get it.

Meal deals are a fantastic way of offering convenience and value for 2 reasons. Firstly they can offer a major discount: ‘you could pick up food and drink worth £8.05 for £3.79 or less’ with many supermarket meal deals. Secondly, meal deals are more convenient, saving shoppers time by giving them everything they are looking for in one place. This doesn’t mean that meal-deals will kill off your other lines though as many shoppers will supplement their deal with additional snacks or a bottle of wine, for example, boosting your basket spend even further.

But how can you maximise the potential of meal deals as a whole? We’ve researched some of our most successful retailers and found three key things they do that give their meal deals an edge.

  • Be clear on pricing – if you include lots of lines in the promotion, it’s important to ensure that your pricing is consistent and presented clearly with Point of Sale to avoid customer confusion.
  • Merchandise Appropriately – customers want a convenient shopping experience. You can give this to them by keeping your meal-deal products close together so shoppers don’t have to search the store to get their lunch.
  • Control your range – it’s important to offer variety, but going overboard can leave shoppers overwhelmed. The discounters offer no more than two lines of each type of product to give their customers a simpler shopping experience and it works! So why not do it yourself?
  • Did you know? Any good EPoS system, including ShopMate provides reports on category sales and financials. Use these to give you ideas on the most successful products in your store that can drive sales of their meal-deal counterparts. You could even merchandise in a few different ways and use reports throughout the day to see how well your changes are working.

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