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Meet our new Convenience Snapshot

What is the Convenience Snapshot?

The Convenience Snapshot has been designed to give a breakdown of c-store retail performance in terms of turnover, footfall, and basket spend.

As a tool for keeping tabs on overall performance of the market and comparing your existing knowledge, Convenience Snapshot is second to none, especially if you have interests in various geographical locations.

Alongside the ability to monitor month-on-month performance of any region in question, Convenience Snapshot includes details of nine significant categories that compare performance with that of your region, mated with national data.

Clarity over sales performance and national trends has never been so simple!

How Convenience Snapshot can help you

With the above functions, you can compare sales against the local and national average. You can also gain a snapshot of what’s going on in the market and view the trends within each individual category.

Presented data will showcase which stock items dominate the top 10 bestsellers, including newspapers and magazines, household products, groceries, frozen foods, and alcohol. Drilling down into these factors, Convenience Snapshot can provide unit sales and average price for each listing therein.

We will be adding new categories and features over the coming months to support further data insights. Not only that, but a retail-specific version is on the way for next week. So stay tuned for further news and email alerts!



  • Month-on-Month turnover
  • Year-on-Year turnover
  • Footfall

  • Month-on-Month footfall
  • Year-on-Year footfall
  • Basket Spend

  • Month-on-Month basket spend
  • Year-on-Year basket spend
  • Performance

  • Regional vs National
  • Top 10 products per category
  • Category Value

    Percentage of Sales

    Month-on-Month performance

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