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Pancake Day 2022
Get your store ready for Pancake Day sales

Tuesday 1st March 2022 is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it has more commonly become known. Are you stocked up? We share the timing on purchases and the key items to have in stock.

Pancake Day may not be the biggest holiday in the British calendar – but it’s still a flipping big deal in convenience stores across the land. Sales for well-known pancake day ingredients increase in the week of the event. The chart indicates average sales of key pancake ingredients over the weeks before, during and after Shrove Tuesday 2021.

Shrove Tuesday marks the day before the start of Lent – when families traditionally fast for 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending the night before Easter Sunday. The fast has relaxed in western countries but many Christians give up specific pleasures such as sweets, alcohol or baked goods. The cupboards must be empty of temptation – so pancakes are a traditional way to use up the last of the flour and eggs in preparation.

The chart shows the increase in average number of transactions compared to the previous week to see which ingredients increased the most.

Pancake Day Average Weekly Transactions per Store
Pancake Mix Bestsellers
Barcode Product
5000187141898 Greens Pancake Mix Pm100
5059630000770 GoLocal Original Pancake Mix Pm£1
5056036504550 Greens Pancake Shaker Pm£1
Lemon Juice Best Sellers
Barcode Description
8717163859612 Jif Lemon Juice Tll Bottle
8717163859551 Jif Lemon Juice Squeezy Shape
5054073039165 Bestone Lemon Juice 79P
Chocolate Spread Bestsellers
Barcode Description
8000500358696 Nutella Pm289
8000500337806 Nutella Pm175
5020379157292 Hs Hazelnut Chocolate Pm169
Syrup Bestsellers
Barcode Description
5010115902941 Lyles Golden Syrup Tin
5010115909483 Lyles Golden Syrup Pouring
5010115900596 Tate & Lyle Squeezy Golden Syrup
Pancake Day
Dessert Sauce Bestsellers
Barcode Description
5010067306774 Askeys Treat Milk Chocolate
5010067306101 Askeys Treat Strawberry
5010115900701 Tate & Lyle Squeezy Chocolate Syrup
Daily Rate of Sale
Hourly Rate of Sale

Pancake day for the majority appears to be a last-minute purchase with the majority of sales taking place on the day itself. Based on hourly sales (see the chart above), it’s teatime where the highest number of sales take place so it looks like it’s a last-minute panic on the school run as people remember what day it is!

There seems to be lot of reliance on the pancake mixes, which takes the pressure off families trying to find a recipe! Children all over the country will be attempting to flip their pancakes without getting them stuck to the ceiling!

Get those ingredients and mixes into a prominent spot to take advantage of raised sales for the day.

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