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Panic Buying over Brexit?
The National Press is again urging shoppers not to panic buy, this time over a no-deal Brexit. They are surely encouraging those who might otherwise not have given it a second thought, to stock the cupboards once more. Led by the scaremongering media, shoppers will surely turn to the shops to ensure they get there before the rush.

Politicians have advised the supermarkets to begin stockpiling and manufacturers have been storing surplus for several months in anticipation of higher tariffs and delays through ports into the UK. Covid19 panic buys have surely seen some of the stockpile run down as manufacturers and retailers scrambled to keep the shelves stocked during the summer months.

Convenience stores should consider what this means for them and their stock levels. Although the warnings state that fresh produce is likely to be the most affected in terms of actual delays, panic buying will mean that other items sell out.

In recent months, shoppers have stocked up on pasta and rice, strong, plain and self-raising flour, toilet rolls, tinned goods, biscuits and tea bags. We clearly understand that what is required in a crisis is a good old cup of tea and a biscuit!

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