Award Winning Payment Services

Your customers increasingly expect to pay by card, including contactless, and are increasingly less likely to be carrying cash. Card payments provide the opportunity to increase shopping basket size, removing the need to carry cash to make larger purchases.

NetPay is integrated into ShopMate, allowing you to take payments and reconcile your reports quickly and easily.

In 2016, 25% of transactions in convenience were paid for by card and this is growing. The rate of contactless payments is increasing even faster. Knowing this, it is essential that your store offers a fast and simple way to pay by card or contactless.

How can NetPay help me and my store?

Faster Transactions

NetPay’s integrated payments solution “NPIntegrate” not only provides speed and convenience for you and your customers, but also ensures accuracy

Informative Insights

ShopMate offers a variety of sales reports. NetPay’s award winning ‘Revolution’ portal provides transaction data based on the sales activity in your terminal

Competitive Rates

As well as faster transactions and intuitive reports, NetPay also offers 24/7 UK technical support. All with a competitive transaction rate.

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