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MediaMaster Screens are boosting sales and profits in more than 500 stores around the UK

The Retail Data Partnership is proud to announce that our innovative MediaMaster Screen service is pushing up sales by as much as 41% on some promotions in more than 500 stores. Our service enables retailers to advertise promotions from wholesalers as well as running their own local content – all alongside the till roll at the point of sale.

The screens were introduced in June 2019 and since then they have proven themselves to be a great driver for additional sales. Samantha Coldbeck of Wharfdale Premier in Hull says “The ads have captured customers’ imagination and given previous stagnant areas a new focus. Promotions are essential to our business, and MediaMaster is an invaluable ad platform. This solution will future proof our business”.

In a study of ads placed over a 35-day period, in 106 stores with 209 screens, average sales performance was £117.05 higher in stores who carried ads on the MediaMaster screens than in stores of the same fascia who didn’t carry the screens. This is good news for wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Managing Director of The Retail Data Partnership, Stephen Burnett, says “It is clear that retailers embrace technology when it provides instant, measurable results. We love to see the Media Master screens going into stores because we know it’ll help retail partners build their businesses.”
The product that performed best in the study was Budweiser; average sales for MediaMaster stores during the promotion period were £65.47 through the 35 day period, and stores without MediaMaster over the same period sold £38.49. Non-alcoholic products also perform well, with sales of Dairy Box seeing an average improvement of £12.28 through the promotion period. Even better news for our retailer partners is that they don’t even need to create their own local adverts – they just send us the details, and we do it for them – at no additional cost. We handle all the wholesaler promotion advertisements as well.
Promotional Sales using MediaMaster
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