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Top Selling Christmas Essentials All Convenience Stores Need
Ever wondered which products sell best for convenience stores throughout the Christmas period? Well, after crunching our data on such things, we can reveal the exact products that fly off the shelves come the festive period over December. The below list comprises the top selling Christmas-themed items. Just in case you believe the world has gone mad, and we are purchasing more Quality Street than bread, milk, and other essentials...
  •  Cadbury Orange Snowman*
  • Maltesers Truffles Tube
  • Smarties Penguin Novelty
  • Quality Street Tub
  • Walkers Turkey & Stuffing Crisps
  • Walkers Pigs in Blankets Crisps
  • Nestle Quality Street Pouch
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Gingerbread
  • Thorntons Classic Box
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Medium Santa Selection
*The data above on Cadburys chocolate orange snowman is based on 2019 data from its first sale date (22/08/2019).

Best Selling Alcohol

As for alcohol sales, our categories separate beer, cider, spirits, wine, and ‘ready to drink’ alcopops. It is no surprise that many niche alcoholic products experience most of their sales during this season, which can be very localised to you. Check your EPoS reports to find out what products you should stockings to get the most this holiday season. So, without hesitation:


  • Omega White Cider Can (Price Marked - 99p)
  • K Cider 8%
  • Scrumpy Jack 24/22
  • Strongbow
  • Henry Weston Vintage Cider


  • Stella Artois (Price Marked 4 for £5.79)
  • San Miguel
  • Fosters (Price Marked 4 for £5.50)
  • Budweiser
  • Fosters (Price Marked 4 for £4.50)


  • Glens Vodka (Price Marked £7.29)
  • Glens Vodka (Price Marked £4.49)
  • Chekov Vodka (Price Marked  £6.79)
  • Chekov Vodka (Price Marked  £4.19)
  • Chekov Imperial Vodka


  • Buckfast Tonic Wine
  • Echo Falls Rose Fruit Fusion
  • Hardys Bin 161 Chardonnay (Price Marked £5.75)
  • Hardys Bin 161 Shiraz (Price marked £5.75)
  • Secretary Bird Sauvignon Blanc (Price Marked £6.00)

Ready to drink/Alcopop

  • Jack Daniels & Cola 5%
  • Captain Morgan & Cola (Price Marked £1.69)
  • WKD Blue 4% Nrb (Price Marked  £2.99)
  • Gordons & Tonic (Price Marked  £1.69)
  • Gordons Pink & Tonic (Price Marked  £1.69)
For more information on Christmas sales figures, get in touch with our data team.
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