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New RDP Integration

At TRDP we believe in the importance of effective business management. To help achieve this we focus on the benefits of up to date and accurate data about sales, profits, stock, etc, which provide our customers with useful insights.

Partnerships are crucial to our business, so we have built strong relationships and associations with trusted wholesalers, retailers and service providers. Recently, we have completed our integration with NetPay Merchant Services so we can offer our retailers additional benefits, including greater choice in their payment supplier.

NetPay’s integrated service brings the following benefits to retailers:

Faster Transactions
NetPay’s integrated payments solution “NPIntegrate” provides speed and convenience to you and your customers, while providing accurate data.

Informative Insights
ShopMate offers a variety of sales reports while NetPay’s award-winning ‘Revolution’ portal provides transaction data, based on the sales activity going through your terminal. These combine to give you end-to-end information to help you manage your business effectively.

Competitive Rates
As well as faster transactions and actionable insights, NetPay also offers 24/7 UK-based technical support – all for a competitive transaction rate.

'The increasing consumer evolution from cash to card is driving more widespread adoption in convenience stores. The integrated capability of our two businesses is more than just about card payments; it is also about empowering our customers through great consolidated reporting.'
Craig Peterson, Product Manager at NetPay
Get integrated today

After a successful pilot, NetPay is now available. To find out more about NetPay, visit or to express your interest, call 01780 480 562.

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