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Valentines for the Forgetful
Are convenience stores the saviours for forgetful lovers?

Valentines’ day is for the romantics – for those who spend hours dreaming up special menus and surprise weekends away for their loved ones.

Convenience stores are there for those who have accidentally forgotten to prepare for Valentines’ Day but who nevertheless feel they should mark the occasion.

As expected, there are certain categories that increase in the week of Valentines compared with the week before. At a total sales level, Valentine’s Day has no notable effect. It effects specific product groups only.

Chocolate Confectionery rises by 10.2% compared to the previous week but Chocolate Assortments and Chocolate Boxes increase by even more – the lady does love a Milk Tray – but would prefer a Dairy Box according to the top selling barcodes.

Valentines Best Selling Sparkling Wines
Barcode Product % share of Category Sales
5060215330779I Heart Prosecco 75cl16
8005415046447Canti Prosecco Brut 75cl14
5053947211041Dino Prosecco Doc Spumante 75cl6
8410036806422Freixenet Prosecco Doc 75cl6
5020379135467Prosecco Spumante Doc Ex Dry 75cl6
8000570005056Martini Asti 7.5%Abv 75cl4
8410036806934Freixenet Sparkling Italian Rose 75cl2
5000128789936Co Op Irresistible Prosecco 75cl2
8410036009090Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut 75cl2
8006220001669Mionetto Prosecco Doc Brut 75cl2
Valentines Best Selling Chocolate Assortment
Barcode Product % share of Category Sales
7613037454307Dairy Box Box 360g13
7622210432391Cadbury Milk Tray 360g12
7622210432070Cadbury Milk Tray 530g11
8003340090276Lindor Milk/Assorted 200g7
8000500247150Ferrero Collection T15 172g7
7622210431394Cadbury Milk Tray 180g5
7622210959850Cadbury Large Roses Ctn 290g4
7622210959874Cadbury Heroes Lrg Carton 290g4
7622210959881Cadbury Roses 186g3
5000159457873Celebrations Sml Assortment 240g3
Valentines Best Selling Chocolate Box
Barcode Product % share of Category Sales
8003340090535Lindor Milk Carton Display 200g15
8000500009673Rocher T24 Diamond Display 300g13
8000500003787Rocher T16 200g13
5000159533546Maltesers Box 110g11
5000159523752Maltesers Std Box 310g10
8003340097619Lindor S/Berry/Cream Cornet 200g7
3664346304863Terrys Choc Org Ball Mill 157g4
5000426171518After Eight Plain 300g3
8003340098920Lindor Salted Caramel 200g3
7613036193047Qs Matchmakers Cool Mint 120g1

The biggest sales day is the day before Valentines but the second best-selling day is Valentines itself – perhaps because of the sale of fresh flowers. Spare a thought for the late-night worker who nips by on their way home from a busy shift to grab flowers or chocolates to demonstrate their love – and ensure some quality items still remain in your store!

Finally, don’t forget to cater for those who have delayed their celebrations or those who let it slip by entirely unnoticed – they have to make up lost ground – sales remain high for a couple of days following Valentines.

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