ShopMate EPoS

For Booker & BRP Stores

For nearly a decade, we've worked closely with Booker to ensure that customers can take advantage of a powerful, feature-rich yet affordable EPoS system. Now, you can benefit from either our BOOKER FREE deal or get all of the benefits of your symbol while maintaining complete flexibility of pricing, promotions & ordering.

Get the deal that's right for you


Get your EPoS system completely free from Booker BRP. Take advantage of your symbols' pricing and promotions automatically as well as electronic ordering from Booker, all as standard.

Pay nothing for your hardware with an affordable weekly service fee.

If you're interested in taking advantage of BOOKER FREE, please speak to your symbol RDM.


Part of a Booker symbol but want total flexibility? Then go independent!

While you'll pay for the hardware, you'll also receive the ability to place orders and receive pricing, promotions and electronic ordering (where available) from our other wholesale partners as well as Booker.

If you're interested, please CONTACT US.

'ShopMate EPoS helps our business run smoothly from day-to-day and grow from year-to-year...
David Knight
Manager - Sam's of Bourne
Working with Booker/BRP Symbols

How ShopMate Helps You Flourish

Wholesaler Prices

We regularly update the price file from all major UK wholesalers and keep your system up to date with ALL your prices.

Intuitive Reports

All of your store's data is at your fingertips with a host of powerful reports, all updated in real-time.

Regular Software Updates

Your till software is kept up-to-date with overnight security and improvement updates.

Automatic Promotions

At the beginning of each promotion period, ShopMate will automatically receive promos from your selected wholesaler(s).

Expert Technical Support

Our team of UK-Based ShopMate experts are available to help you with technical support and friendly advice.

Actionable Insights

Use big data to compare your performance against your local and national competition to make smarter decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Services
ShopMate features a range of benefits and services designed to help you flourish and take the hard work out of EPoS.

Can ShopMate help boost my sales?

Does it come with a warranty?

Can I connect to ShopMate from outside my store?

I operate a forecourt. Can ShopMate integrate with my fuel pumps?

Does ShopMate EPoS feature additional services?