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Woodend Premier - Castleford

Inside Woodend Premier Convenience

The Size of a Convenience Store, the Range of a Supermarket

Santokh and Ranjit Sandhu, the owners of Woodend Premier Convenience Store in Leeds are one of our top sellers of confectionery. Their store is packed with a massive range of products. With no local competition from supermarkets nearby, they cater to type of shopper.
£1 Promotions and Customer Value

Mr and Mrs Sandhu believe in offering great value by implementing the £1 shop mentality for as many products as they can.

"People go for big bags of sweets or chocolate rather than small. Our customers want to get more for their money, so rather than paying 70p for a single serve chocolate bar they often go for the bigger serving bags of sweets. This is why we have a lot of £1 bags in store – because they increase our profits"
Ranjit Sandhu - Owner - Woodend Premier
Most of Woodend’s products are price marked To give customers confidence in their great prices, a majority of Woodend’s products are price marked.
"Shoppers like knowing exactly what they’re going to pay when they get to the till"
Ranjit Sandhu - Owner - Woodend Premier
The Sandhu’s confidence in £1 price marked products is evident by the fact that much of the impulse space is dedicated to price marked confectionery.
"We get a lot of school kids through the door after school hours so we keep the snack products close to the till. This is to get them in and out of the store quickly, which avoids disruption"
Ranjit Sandhu - Owner - Woodend Premier
Shoppers feel more confident when the product is price marked because they know they are not being overcharged. It’s also convenient at the point of sale, because all the prices are already in the till’s database.
The size of a convenience store, the range of a supermarket

To cater fully to the local market, Woodend Convenience offers a wide range of products. Other than staple goods and standard c-store fayre, they also offer unorthodox categories including DIY and electrical, car care and Tupperware.

Apart from selling a wide range of product types, each category is also full of choice. For example, beers, wines and spirits alone accounts for over 10 metres of shelf space and news / greetings cards have an entire aisle between them. Having said this, the Sandhu’s are planning to reduce their range by using ShopMate more effectively.

As our best performing retailer in confectionery it’s no surprise that Woodend Convenience offers plenty of confectionery options. Other than popular sweets in a variety of sizes, traditional sweets such as Humbugs are also available via the Confex brand.