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Electronic Shelf Labels
Price updates in real time

Improve Sales

Have you ever walked past a display of products because you weren’t sure how much it would cost but you weren’t invested enough to actually speak to an attendant? If there had been a price label and the price matched your expectations – you know you might have bought it – but you don’t want to be put under pressure by the sales assistant so you walk away.

Build Trust

If you’ve ever visited a store and an item is scanned at a different price at the till from the price you spotted at the shelf – you might forgive the store if the transaction is in your favour – but in a small store, genuine errors like these can break down trust. It is regular customers who are most likely to spot these errors, and adversely affect your most important relationships, especially when prices are going up so frequently. How are stores supposed to keep up?

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels
Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

Accurate pricing can help you make sales and build the all-important trust. Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESEL) are the ultimate in convenience – your ShopMate prices are automatically updated to your tills daily – imagine if your shelf prices were automatically updated at the same time!

Reduce Errors and Save Time

Human error and inaccuracies are significantly reduced – even eliminated. You have a centrally controlled system for consistent pricing across all your stores.

Improve Your Marketing

ESELs no longer act as just a passive pricing display mechanism. Now they can be used as “micro web pages”, displaying essential omnichannel data. With ESEL, you can easily design and customise price tags with new features such as: Live inventory updates, website links, recipes or nutritional details and social media links.

Improve Customer Service

With pricing looking after itself, your team can look after your customers – building positive relationships and repeat visits.

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