Step: 1
Select menu item 6. Order
Step: 2
Visit the items on your shelves that you want to add to your order. Scan the item. The screen will show you how many come in a pack, your average sales over the last 4 weeks. You can add a number here and press save - that will add a case of items to your order (in the example above that means 48 individual Twirl bars will be added to the order).
Step: 3
If you click the button at the top right, Product Details, the Memor will show you more detail about the sales per week over the last 4 weeks.
Step: 4
Your Memor will sync both ways with your ShopMate EPoS - so you can begin an order on the till and continue on the shop floor with the Memor - or the other way around. Select the wholesaler that the order is going to.
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