ShopMate EPoS


Step: 1
To set-up a new account, Press Other Functions, Account Administration, then New Account.
Step: 2
ShopMate automatically assigns a unique account number to each new account. You can complete as many of the available fields as you wish, remembering that you will be able to search for an account by surname name, telephone number or account number. The search operates on the second part of the postcode and on the telephone number without its STD code. When you have completed as much of this screen as you feel is necessary, press the Save button.
Step: 3
You can enter an opening balance on the new account. This can either be positive (if the customer has given you some cash in advance) or negative (if the customer already owes you some money). On the left side you will have the address and contact details about the account holder, their account credit limit, balance and billing type. At the bottom of the screen will see a summary of the transactions against the account.
Step: 4
To add a transaction to an account, click Account button, search for the account then click pick to choose the acocunt.
Step: 5
Enter the amount first to be paid off the account, then click the Pay off from Account. They will still have the option to finish off the transaction with other payment method. Also you will be informed when a customer has gone over their credit limit. s
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