ShopMate EPoS

Adding to account

Step: 1
If you allow customers credit, the customer might ask to have the transaction added to their account. (See Section Accounts for setting up accounts) When everything has been scanned, press the Accounts button. You will have the option to ‘Find Account’ or enter account number then pressing ‘Account Number’.
Step: 2
If you choose to find account you will need to enter search information such as surname. If you enter the customer’s account number it will find their account straight away. Press Add to Account to add the transaction total to the customer’s account.
Step: 3
If the customer wants to pay their account, key in the amount they wish to pay then press Pay Off from Account. The amount will be subtracted from the account balance.
Step: 4
If the credit customer wants a mini-statement of their account, you can print it from the screen, by pressing Print Summary. You can move between accounts by pressing Change Account.
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