ShopMate EPoS


Step: 1
To start trading on ShopMate, enter an amount for the float, then press Open Session. To see the float amount, press Sessions, then Show Float. The float is displayed linked to the session button.
Step: 2
During the session, you might need to increase the float.To increase the float, use the keypad on the screen to key in the amount you wish to put into the cash drawer. You must do this before you press ‘Increase Float’. Press Increase Float for the transaction is complete.
Step: 3
Go to the ‘Session’ menu as above. Use the keypad to enter the amount of money you are removing from the cash drawer, and then press Decrease Float. ShopMate keeps a record of all transactions of this nature, so you have a full audit trail of money removed from the cash drawer using this function.
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