ShopMate EPoS

Local Loyalty scheme

Step: 1
To redeem points, scan the items as normal and press the Total button, then End Sale, followed by the Redeem Loyalty button
Step: 2
You can then decide how many points to redeem against the transaction, 50 points amounts to 50p, 100 points amounts to £1 etc. The transaction can now be finished as normal with the receipt informing the customer that their loyalty account will be updated with the new balance within 15 minutes.
Step: 3
Loyalty management are extra options, which are not part of a normal loyalty transaction. These options are Lost Card, Forgotten Card and Adjust Loyalty Points. To find these options go to Other Functions, Administration and then Loyalty Management.
Step: 4
If a customer has either forgotten or lost their card choose the right option, enter the customers phone number and press okay. Scan the new card and the customers details will be added to it straight away if the cars is lost.If forgotten the customers details will appera and can continue with the transaction.
Step: 5
Select Adjust Loyalty Points option to make changes to the points, enter the customers telephone number and press ok. The first text filled to fill is, ‘Adjust loyalty points by’, is where you will add the amount of point you are going to give to the customer. The seconds field, ‘Description’, is the reason the customer is having these points. Press the Submit button when done.The reset button will clear the information in both text fields and ‘New Number’ button will let you change loyalty member by entering their telephone number.
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