Delivery Notes (ENoD's)

Step: 1
To access OrderMaster Notes press View Notes, which is the red button located at the top of OrderMaster Orders.
Step: 2
OrderMaster delivery notes is broken up into two sections, ‘Current Notes’ and ‘Historic Notes’. Current Notes: are orders which have been sent from the create delivery notes option or been imported using Collect Note. You can view these notes, edit the quantity and Process. Historic Notes: are old orders which can be used for reference of products.
Step: 3
View Note works the same as View Order, with some differences. The information at the top of the note is slightly different compared to order.
Step: 4
The layout at the bottom is different, you have View Item, Print Note, Process Note and Add to SEL.
Step: 5
This will delete any type of note that you have in OrderMaster Notes. To delete a note, select the note, it will highlight yellow, and then press Delete Note.
Step: 6
View Historic Note works like View Order. Any notes that have processed will move to Historic Notes. Select a historic note, it will highlight yellow, then press View Historic Note. When you view a historic note, you will see in red the date of when the note was processed.
Step: 7
To compare notes select the products and select Match. This is very useful as you are able to see price differences or missing products from an order.
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