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ShopMate- Product Group tab

Step: 1
To add a product to a group, press the Add to Product Group.
Step: 2
In the text box enter the name of the group you want to add the product to, as you input the text in to the product group field the product group name may appear in a list underneath the text box, which you can select.
Step: 3
When you press the Select button the product will be added to the product group. The product group tab will now display product group information. If you have not got a group for this product you can create one by entering the new name in the text box and pressing Select, a popup will appear displaying-- This group doesnt currently exist, would you like to create it?
Step: 4
You can now edit Product Group information and have the ability to change or remove the group Also to reorder, fill in the tabs in the Product Group Re-Order.
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