ShopMate EPoS

Refunds, No sales, Multi, Qty/barcode

Step: 1

If you allow refunds on products, the user should scan the product, which will be displayed in the light blue till roll section of the screen. Press Alter, then Refund. The screen will display the amount of money that you should refund back to the customer. You can now move on to the next transaction.

Refunds are recorded in the ‘Session Reports', and also in all financial summaries. In addition, you can see more detail on refunds in the ‘Altered Transactions’ report.

Step: 2
No Sale.

If you need to open the cash drawer without starting a transaction, press "Alter" then "No Sale" and the cash drawer will open.

Step: 3

This function is in the Alter key sub-menu and multiplies the price typed in for a miscellaneous product. E.g. press £1.20p then a miscellaneous key. This will put a miscellaneous product in the till roll at £1.20p. To sell more than one of these products, press a number followed by the ‘Multi’ key to multiply.

Step: 4
Selling multiples of a single barcode.

By entering a number before you scan a product a product quantity is set e.g. If you enter ‘3’, there will be 3 of the product in the till roll. If you press ‘4’ then Qty/Barcode key it will change the quantity to 4. If you type in the barcode of a product and then press Qty/Barcode key it will enter the till roll as if you scanned it.

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