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Joe's - Great Yarmouth

Save money and improve sales

Save money and improve sales…..we find out how one store has done just this.

ShopMate MediaMaster promotional ads have improved sales in store. MediaMaster XL takes this to the next level with large screen advertising.

ShopMate MediaMaster improving sales was the reason why I visited Joe’s Store in Great Yarmouth and met joint owners Sandy and Rachel.

It was clear from the start that they know all their customers by name and this friendly, personal service has meant they were able to handle the Covid crisis with ease, offering home delivery that continues to this day. During Covid, the store utilised a local leaflet drop service to get their message out to the residents nearby – at £365 every four weeks it was quite expensive and though the impact was high at first, over time, the return has slowed. In the past the store has also commissioned space in local newspapers – bringing some large returns – but more recently they feel the effort required isn’t returned in sales. With this in mind, Sandy contacted ShopMate – the store already runs promotional ads on two pole-mounted MediaMaster screens and because of improved sales of in store promotions, it was a logical step to ask ShopMate to manage the larger screen.

Positioned strategically, facing out to the street, the MediaMaster XL screen grabs the attention of pedestrians. Unlike static print materials, the MediaMaster XL screen allows Sandy and Rachel to update content in real-time. Whether it's promoting flash sales, new arrivals, or seasonal offers, they can swiftly adapt the marketing messages to align with changing business needs, consumer demands, and even the weather.

In a compact convenience store layout like Joe's, every inch of space counts. MediaMaster XL screens eliminate the need for bulky advertising displays or cluttered promotional materials, freeing up valuable retail space for product displays and customer convenience. Sandy is pleased that running the screen offers excellent value for money and saves the requirement for ongoing, more costly advertising.

The couple embrace technology that they feel will enhance their business – they use a memor scanner alongside a zebra printer to print labels and manage fresh stock. Their business is geared toward serving their residential customers, so a good stock of fresh produce like vegetables and dairy products helps them attract customers who might otherwise visit the nearby Co-op store. The store accepts two deliveries per week and Sandy visits the wholesaler twice a week to top up.

Sandy and Rachel’s new screen has already attracted attention from passers-by, their clever use of technology combined with local and business knowledge means their store will continue to attract new customers and remain competitive into the foreseeable future.

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