Worldpay from FIS
A Global Leader in Payments Processing Technology

Customers increasingly rely on ease and convenience with developments in technology. When it comes to payment, they expect you to be prepared with the methods they want to use.

The good news is although the development of contactless, card and mobile payments is growing, with a Worldpay terminal, your business can accept all payment methods.

Worldpay processes over 31 million mobile, online, and in-store transactions per day and offers support to over 400,000 merchants in 126 different currencies across 146 countries.

How can Worldpay help me and my stores?

Powered by ShopMate

Worldpay’s ShopMate integration means no need for reconciliation and allows for faster transactions

Flexible, customised pricing

Worldpay’s pricing plans are uniquely tailored to suit your business to protect your bottom line

Accept more payments

You can accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Contactless

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