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Store Focus for Mothers Day
Mothers are always deserving of our time and attention, particularly on Mother’s Day, which this year falls on Sunday 14th March. This year, though, she is especially deserving: Women spent twice as long on homeschooling as men during the first pandemic according to researchers at University College London (UCL). They also spend longer than men on unpaid care of children and longer playing with children in non-learning activities – plenty to be appreciated. This surely means Mum deserves a cup of tea in bed and a lovely Sunday lunch. Restaurants are unlikely to be open, though some might be delivering meals.

Last year the lockdown began on 23rd March, the day after Mother’s Day, though the announcement was made earlier so it was a subdued event in 2020. This year there will surely be people finding alternative ways to celebrate their Mum and this is where a well thought out store display can really make a difference.

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We examined sales data from the weekend before Mothers Day 2020, 13th-15th March, with the data from the weekend of Mother’s Day, 20-22nd March. There was a huge rise in the Greetings Cards category, 1497.1% up on the previous weekend and, as we might expect, Flowers were up 373.1%.
Summer Average Weekly Sales Per Store
(2019 - 2020)
Summer Average Weekly Sales Per Store
(2019 - 2020)
Alcohol was up 56% overall, made up of increased sales of beer, 71.3%, Wine, 58.1% and Spirits 40.8% on the previous weekend. This suggests that everyone has a drink when the family gets together with Mum. The best-selling beer was Fosters 440ml which sold £86,426 over the Mother’s Day weekend last year, up 149% on the previous weekend. The top-selling wine was Echo Falls Rose Fruit Fusion £27,585 up 48% on the weekend before. The best selling alcohol overall was 5410316963220 Smirnoff Red Pm1£4.79 £93,291, up 39.9% on the previous weekend.

Groceries were up 65% and Frozen 66% over the Mother’s Day weekend compared with the weekend before – we expect to see a similar rise this year as there will be those cooking a meal for Mum. Some well-placed POS will help remind your shoppers to buy something special to cook.

And finally, to add a little luxury to the day, don’t forget the chocolate! Last year the top confectionery sales spot went to Cadbury’s DairyMilk PM100 with sales £26,198, up 33.7% on the weekend before – but the item with the biggest rise in sales from the previous weekend was Cadbury Milk Tray – sales reached £7,219 – up 820% on sales from the weekend before. Other boxed chocolates also performed well – Dairy Box Carton +692%, and Rocher T24 Diamond Display +661% which suggests that a good display of these items at the point of sale might help remind those who are planning a treat for mother.

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