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Why Big Retailers Are Using Big Data

Meet Bay Bashir, Parfetts’ current Regional Retailer of the Year. As an award-winning entrepreneur who has earned admiration and esteem for his professional acumen, Mr. Bashir owns five successful stores throughout Middlesbrough within the wholesaler’s Go Local symbol group.

Using his intricate knowledge of the surrounding area to offer customer services of an extremely high standard, Bashir remains dedicated to the local community and has been recognised on several occasions during the Convenience Retail Awards. One of the tools employed by Bashir to continue his growth is our Retail Newsletter, of which has helped guide his decision making.

‘The data provided by TRDP via personalised emails is absolutely fantastic. It’s given us the information needed to make decisions and gauge what our store is doing,’ Bashir told us. ‘The support from TRDP is first class’.
What is the TRDP Retail Newsletter?

The objective of the Retail Newsletter is to provide retailers with access to actionable information driven by ‘big data’. Besides receiving their own performance data, customers can also view the collective performance of 3,000 other retailers.

All TRDP customers receive their newsletter every month, which compares their own turnover performance with that of their region against the overall national figures. Customers also receive sales and price analysis for the top 10 products in any given category, alongside comparisons between other stores in their province.

‘The decisions that we make off the back of the Data newsletter are brilliant. We’ve just started getting the newsletter recently and they really have a lot of information that helps me to see what the store is doing,’ Bashir commented.

‘I feel like the stores are very successful and I’m really happy with how it’s going. We’ve seen year-on-year growth with all five stores. They really are going from strength to strength.’

Why do we provide the Retail Newsletter?

‘The Data Newsletter was designed with one purpose – to assist retailers in providing a view of the landscape,’ James Loker, TRDP’s Marketing Manager, explained.

‘The intention is for shop owners to gain perspective on nationwide performance, paired with knowledge gained in regards to performance in the local area. Besides offering a monthly review of how estate turnover, estate footfall, and estate basket spends are holding up, we place important news stories, polls, and shop profiles in the newsletter for a complete overview of what’s happening in the market, and how other retailers are reacting.’

‘Shop data about each store is unique to each individual retailer. They are not shared with others, but placed into a collective overview for general analysis. So your neighbouring shop won’t see how your figures are shaping up. Rest assured, you don’t need to worry!’

Furthermore, if retailers want to view top-selling products in any particular category, the data is all on the TRDP website.  They just need to log in to see how they are doing in comparison with the rest of their region or nationwide.

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