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Disposable Vapes

Government propose ban

Convenience store retailers in the UK will need to take action in response to the government's recently announced intention to bring legislation to the house, the effect of which will be to ban disposable vapes. The initiative is aimed at addressing the concerning increase in youth vaping and safeguarding children's health

In addition, the government plans to target vape flavours that especially appeal to children and are making sure “vapes are aimed at the people they were designed to help - adults who are quitting smoking.” This includes ensuring that vapes are merchandised out of sight of children, away from areas close to products that appeal to children – like confectionery. Vaping alternatives, like nicotine pouches, will also be outlawed for children.

In an effort to bring about the first smoke free generation, the government plans to ensure that those born on or after 1st January 2009 are never legally permitted to buy tobacco products.

There is no action to take immediately – the ban requires legislation before it will be put into place. The earliest this is likely to take effect is in last quarter of 2024, and more likely 2025.

This announcement comes just weeks after the government has made new arrangements for all stores who sell them to provide recycling facilities for disposable vapes. As a minimum, stores are now required to accept a vape for recycling if a customer is buying a new one. You can read more about the Vape Recycling Regulations from the ACS

Read more about the reasons behind the initiative from the government here: Disposable Vape Ban.

You can read the ACS press release here: ACS Urges Government to Focus on Better Enforcement over Blunt Instruments in Response to Plans for Vape Ban.

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