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Local Loyalty – Arkwrights of Swanage
Local Loyalty has increased basket size significantly and I've seen customers come in more frequently with their loyalty card. I've really seen the benefits of it.
Case Study: Can a fascia swap improve your retail business?
Can a fascia swap give a retail business a boost. We visit Broxtowe Lane Family Shopper to find out about their swap from Premier to Family Shopper and how their store has been performing.
How Local Loyalty boosts baskets and profits
Did you know a well run loyalty scheme can boost basket size by over 80%? We visit Crumptons in Wales to find out how Local Loyalty is helping their store.
Retailer Visit: Bramcote Lane Convenience Stores
Bramcote Lane Premier is a fantastic example of how flexibility and smart decisions can lead to improved business turnover and footfall.
Retailer Visit: Convenience Corner – Brighton
Convenience Corner is one of our best-performing retailers for alcohol sales, beating their rivals in a busy trading environment. We visited the store to meet its owner, Keith Marlow to find out how they’d achieved such success.
Retailer Visit: Woodend Premier – Castleford
Santokh and Ranjit Sandhu, the owners of Woodend Premier Convenience Store in Leeds are one of our top sellers of confectionery and cater to every type of shopper.
Case Study: Sam’s Premier – Bourne
The Parbat family have run convenience retail businesses for over 35 years and have worked with ShopMate for 10 years.
Retailer Visit: Wharfedale Premier – Hull
ShopMate has made a noticeable difference to the profitability of our business bringing many benefits. The team at The Retail data Partnership care about our business and provide excellent back up when we need their help or advice.
Retailer Visit: SuperShop, Stoke-on-Trent
With fierce local competition from £1 shops and other C-stores we wondered how SuperShop was performing so well. Here’s a few of the things we found.