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Our EPoS solution has enabled convenience retailers to streamline their operations, improve their inventory management, and make data-driven decisions about their business, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

It's great to see small businesses succeed and make a difference in their local communities. The stores we are working with prioritise efficiency and profitability, while also striving to benefit their customers. They are excellent examples of businesses that care about their community.

Retailer Profile - Seaborn Stores
We discuss refits, family and community with Kelly Allen from Seaborn Stores in Morecambe Lancashire
Market Garden
Our iPad prize draw was awarded to Samuel Sood of The Market Garden in Nottinghamshire.
Joe's Great Yarmouth
Sandy and Rachel have saved money on advertising by installing an outward facing MediaMaster XL screen to attract new customers.
Budgens Riverside, Wooler
Local businessman Graeme Wilson spotted an opportunity... he opened a new convenience store in Wooler, despite no previous retail experience. Read about the project here from start to finish.
Budgens Riverside at Wooler
Can anyone open a successful convenience store without any retail experience? Local business partners did just that in Wooler, Northumberland. Find out more.
Langtoft Post Office
What makes the Post Office in Langtoft Bourne so popular with its customers? Find out how Mrs Kaur has adapted her store offering to suit her customer base.
Bilsborrow Post Office
Experienced retailers, David and Sharon Rimmer, have built their successful business around superior customer service. They have run the Post Office at Bilsborrow, Preston, for the last 18 years.
Late Stop Bangor
Late Stop in Bangor is an Independent 24-hour store supplying the visitors, residents and students in the city for the past 40 years. To stay competitive, the team have set up a successful home delivery service in the local area.
Alpesh Patel - Supersave
See how Alpesh Patel, president of the Reading division of NRFN, has made his stores a success in the suburbs of Reading.
The First Raj Aggarwal Award
Jules Convenience is the first store to be awarded the Raj Aggarwal Award for community service.
Wharfedale Premier – Hull
ShopMate has made a noticeable difference to the profitability of our business bringing many benefits. The team at The Retail data Partnership care about our business and provide excellent back up when we need their help or advice.
Sam’s Premier – Bourne
The Parbat family have run convenience retail businesses for over 35 years and have worked with ShopMate for 10 years.
Woodend Premier – Castleford
Santokh and Ranjit Sandhu, the owners of Woodend Premier Convenience Store in Leeds are one of our top sellers of confectionery and cater to every type of shopper.
Convenience Corner–Brighton
Convenience Corner is one of our best-performing retailers for alcohol sales, beating their rivals in a busy trading environment. We visited the store to meet its owner, Keith Marlow to find out how they’d achieved such success.
Bramcote Lane Convenience
Bramcote Lane Premier is a fantastic example of how flexibility and smart decisions can lead to improved business turnover and footfall.
Fascia shift boosts retail?
Can a fascia swap give a retail business a boost. We visit Broxtowe Lane Family Shopper to find out about their swap from Premier to Family Shopper and how their store has been performing.
Abington General Store
MUP has made very little difference. The only change so far is a downturn in cider sales.
SuperShop, Stoke-on-Trent
With fierce local competition from £1 shops and other C-stores we wondered how SuperShop was performing so well. Here’s a few of the things we found.
'The ShopMate team care about our business and provide excellent back up when we need their help or advice...'
Samantha Coldbeck - Award Winning Retailer
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