Case Study
Can a fascia swap improve your retail business?

Transform Your Retail: Can a Fascia Swap Make a Difference?

Discover the Impact of Fascia Swaps on Retail Success.

Mr Sukhi Sidhu and the team at Family Shopper Broxtowe Lane in Nottingham have always looked for ways to improve their business, and two years ago swapped out their Premier Fascia for Family Shopper. We visited their store to find out how their business has changed under the new fascia and whether the swap has had a positive impact on the bottom line.

Broxtowe Lane family shopper is in an excellent location, part of a large residential estate and surrounded by various local amenities. This location ensures that the shop receives plenty of foot traffic from the four nearby schools as well as residents.

It’s not only foot traffic that Broxtowe Lane takes advantage of. With ample parking out front, they’re able to entice passing motorists as well. The local competition comes in the form of an Asda Superstore, located about half a mile away, so being able to offer parking to those who may drive to Asda instead is a real plus.

With such an ideal location and a pro-active approach to business, Broxtowe Lane has always seen success, but that didn’t stop Sukhi and the team from making the switch to Family Shopper and freshening up the store with a brand new fascia and layout. The shop was officially relaunched in October 2015 and celebrated the occasion with a community event giving local residents an opportunity to explore the new store layout and extended range.

Broxtowe Lane Family Shopper caters to a wide variety of shoppers. The range in-store has been tailored to suit everyone. Local shoppers can take advantage of great deals on their essentials, many included in the pound zone. The shop also features a well-stocked health & hygiene section to entice shoppers away from Asda.

School children and commuters are also catered for, with a range of snacks and food to go. In addition, the team at Broxtowe Lane have responded to an increasingly health-conscious public by offering fresh fruit situated by the chilled snacks.

Like all business decisions, swapping the fascia was risky. As well as the expenditure involved, the change to store layout and range could have put off regulars. Luckily, the swap to Family Shopper has been a success for Broxtowe Lane. Competitive pricing on more products has future-proofed the shop against their nearby supermarket rival. In the last 12 months, customer numbers have remained steady, and the average basket value has increased by 12%.

Broxtowe Lane Family Shopper has always been an excellent retailer. Even before their Fascia swap, they’ve been focused on delivering the best customer experience and range. A fresh new look, new layout and even better range has given the store a welcome boost and helped them entice customers into their shop and away from the nearby Asda.

We would like to thank Sukhi and the team for their time and for allowing to visit their store and understand how they turned a fascia swap into even more success