Case Study:
Sam's Premier - Bourne

Sam's Premier: Expanding and Thriving

Growing Customer Base Through Relationship Building

Sam’s Premier is a 38-year-old family-run shop and one of the oldest and longest-lasting businesses in the centre of Bourne. Samal Parbat, who runs the shop, owned by his uncle Sam, describes the shop as his family’s legacy – a business that runs on customer loyalty, trust, and friendship.
'Of course I’m here to make money like any other retailer, but I am also here to grow my customer base, through building relationships and giving back to the community through charity work and sponsorship of many of the teams in Bourne.'
Sam Parbat - Owner - Sam's Premier
Business is thriving for this young retailer. He also owns a Chinese takeaway next door which gives his shop a boost. Samal is looking to expand, having invested over half a million pounds buying the next door unit. At the moment, it is his stock room but he plans to use the extension to add more lines, and maybe even a Post Office. Once the expansion is complete, Samal is considering trading 24 hours a day, as well as providing an instant delivery service in Bourne. He then has further plans to build flats above the shop for rental.Samal has expanded his shop and currently uses the space for storage Local Competition

Samal competes directly with other convenience stores as well as the bigger supermarkets. Sam’s Premier is right near a Co-op, Budgens and soon a Lidl, as well as Bourne’s largest supermarket, a Tesco. For him, the best way to compete with local competition is by offering quality customer service.

'If I don’t charge for the little things, I get more custom.'
Sam Parbat - Owner - Sam's Premier
Sam’s Premier is right at the heart of Bourne situated near a housing estate, a school, and a factory. Because of this prime location, Samal gets a lot of passing trade as well as school kids and regulars. As well as this, Samal also goes further to develop lasting relationships with his customers. Sam’s Premier has a genuine and trusting atmosphere – and that’s why customers shop in his store.

Apart from his stellar customer service, Samal’s best sales drivers are Lottery and Pay Point. He often gets high-value lottery winners in store and keeps all of his winning tickets on a wall behind the counter.

'We had a £77,000 win on a scratch card once.'
Sam Parbat - Owner - Sam's Premier
When we visited Samal, he stopped and said hello to every customer, joking with a few as well. There must have been six cars that drove past, beeped and waved when they saw him outside the store. Clearly, he is valued in his community. Samal has built a successful store based on his charming character, and it just goes to show that any retailer with a passionate drive for retailing can go a long way.