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Do you get support with your EPoS?

Selecting a reliable and comprehensive till system is really important to your store – but it isn’t all you need to consider when making your EPoS selection. What happens if you’re not sure how to do something – or, if it stops connecting? Where do you turn? Well, if you’re with ShopMate, Tech Support is included as part of your monthly service fees.
Tech Support Office

ShopMate’s Tech Support team are based in our offices in Rutland and they can help you with all sorts of issues – they are all human and they’ll take on your issue as though it’s their own. That means that even if your issue originates with an external partner – perhaps a wholesaler or payment company, tech support won’t leave you to sort it out or send you bouncing between different teams or waiting in call queues. Instead, our team find out the answer, resolve issues and call you back to make sure you know the outcome. Occasionally some requests must be dealt with externally but we will do our best to fix matters under our control. Because our Testers and Developers also work in-house, if your issue is a tricky one, Tech Support have all the help they need on hand.

“We really value the quality and responsiveness of all of your Technical Support team. They are knowledgeable, helpful, skilled and calm, which in this day and age is refreshing and invaluable. Your support team usually answer the phone quite promptly, sort the problem out and are able to explain what has occurred. We also find your Sales Support folk to be polite, helpful and knowledgeable.”

Mrs Gail Emo, Manager at New Galloway Community Shop

Tech Support aren’t just there to deal with difficulties – they’re also there to configure your till exactly the way you’d like it, help you customise and understand your reports, set up menus and hot keys and lots more. ShopMate allows them to use remote access – so while they speak to you, you can see what they’re doing on the screen.

The team has 13 members who offer year-round support for your store – even over Easter and Christmas. When our offices are closed, Tech Support only deal with emergencies – like a store not being able to trade or place orders. Any other questions will be answered as soon as the office opens. Over the holidays, you can check our website for opening hours.

You can contact Tech Support by calling 01780 480562 or emailing or by touching the callback button and explaining your issue/question.

Tech Support Office
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