Electronic SEL
Efficient price management

Enhance Your Shop's Price Management with Electronic Shelf Labelling

Real-Time Pricing: ESL's Smart Price Management System.

RDP have partnered with Panasonic to make Electronic Shelf Edge Labels available to ShopMate customers.

Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) is a smart price management system that significantly frees up workload and enhances customer experience by adjusting shop floor prices to match till prices in real time. By digitising your operations, you can eliminate error, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

Streamlining the shopping experience is crucial for staying competitive in an increasingly digital world. ESL can help your shop stay ahead of the curve by increasing operational efficiency and freeing up your staff so they can focus on what matters most – your customers.

ESLs no longer act as just a passive pricing display mechanism. Now they can be used as “micro web pages”, displaying essential omnichannel data. With ESL, you can easily design and customise price tags with new features such as: Live inventory updates, website links, recipes or nutritional details and social media links.

How the Electronic Self Edge Label helps you flourish


Replicate price changes in real time - direct from ShopMate to the shelf

Increase Profit

See a full return on investment after 1.5 years

Enhance Efficiency

Estimated product turnover increase of about 10%

Customise Price Tags

Practically unlimited tag design options

Easy Adoption

Can be fully integrated into ShopMate so you have peace of mind that you have accurate pricing updated regularly

Ensure Uniformity

A centrally controlled system for consistent pricing across all your stores
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