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Elfbar - What's all the fuss about?

What has been your impression of Elfbars in recent months?
Over the past 12 months Elfbars have become a best seller amongst the disposable brands of vapes in convenience stores. 73.5% of disposable vape bars sold are Elfbars.

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Customers like that they’re simple to use – there isn’t an initial outlay the way there is with some vape systems, and no learning curve. They come prefilled with e-liquid and taste smooth with a wide range of flavours. They’re also small and easily pocketable.

The Chinese manufacturer of Elfbars recently admitted that the company may have inadvertently broken the law in filling its products with illegally high levels of nicotine. The Daily Mail lab tests found that the ‘600’ e cigarettes were 50% over the legal limit.

We asked stores what they thought of Elfbars in recent months and they reported that they felt generally positive about them. However, in the wake of the overfill scandal, their opinion has begun to change.

Following the recent news of Nicotine overfills - what is your impression of Elfbars?
Have you, or do you plan to delist Elfbars as per advice?

Stores appear uncertain about which way to respond to the reports. Booker have delisted Elfbar and have told stores they should also remove products from sale.

One store from the South West commented that there had been “No official recall by trading standards or government agencies or indeed even the manufacturer themselves. When and if this happens, we will duly comply.”

One store felt that the popularity of the Elfbar might be the reason it has been targeted for tests and that it might be sensible to test all vapes “Elfbar is very popular, hence an individual or organisation wanted Elfbar out of the market. I do not possess the knowledge of nicotine level & how it works but the majority of these e-liquid & disposable vape need investigation by the government, not just one company.”

Elfbar has confirmed it will be carrying out a voluntary withdrawal of its non-compliant 600 lines from the UK market. It highlighted that the issue is UK compliance, rather than a risk to health and safety.

Click here to read the Selling Vapes Responsibly Guide from the ACS.

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