Check Price

Step: 1
Select menu item 3. Check Price.
Step: 2
Scan your item. This screen will tell you the price you paid for the item, how much the RRP is and if there is an override price. It will also tell you how many items you have in stock and how many come in a pack.
Step: 3
You can check your printer settings here. These will be input automatically when your pair your Memor and Zebra Printer.
Step: 4
You can reduce an item from this screen. Useful for damaged goods or items not sold. Simply select the middle tab at the top. Press print to send the new shelf edge or adhesive label to your Zebra printer.
Step: 5
Click the third tab to see the details that will be printed on the labels. Items that sell from a reduced label will be recorded this way in ShopMate - that means you can run a ShopMate stock adjustment report and select the option to only view "not sold" or "damaged" products.
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