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Hogmanay or hogs-wash-out?

It’s no secret that we’re all ready to see the back of 2020, but government restrictions mean we’re unlikely to see it out with a bang! Tier 3 pubs are closed and those in Tier 2 can only serve alcohol with food, and even then, there’s a curfew until 11pm. This is a long way from the usual parties until past midnight and late-night licences for pubs and night clubs. The next review is December 30th but that might be too late for bars to schedule staff and organise a celebration. It’s clear that in many parts of the UK we will still be feeling the bitter sting of tiers this New Year.

So, what’s the plan instead? Well, there’s always Jules and the Hootenanny with a few beers from the corner shop. We saw a peak in alcohol sales last year for both Christmas and New Year. Sales reached a whopping £1,712,500 on Christmas Eve and £1,697,993 on New Year’s Eve. This year, with no pubs to go to, the sales might be even higher.
Last year of all alcohol sales in the week running up to New Year: 26th December to 31st December, Stella Artois 4 pack was the best seller £59,101 – followed by Omega White Cider Can £16,277 and K Cider 8% £14,493. Beer is welcome at any party, whether with friends or at home and clearly, cider is a hit too.

Top seller in wine was Buckfast Tonic Wine, £59,407 which is a Scottish bestseller year-round. 2nd place goes to EchoFalls Rose Fruit Fusion, £32,381, and 3rd is Hardys Bin 161 Chardonnay, £24,776 - both are lighter, sweet wines – the antidote to a heavier Christmas.

In Cava, Prosecco and Champagne, Canti Prosecco Brut was the top seller £16,851 and Prosecco Spumante £17,321 (with fewer units sold but a higher selling price) though it’s worth noting that sales of sparkling wines weren’t high overall in comparison to other items in the alcohol category. On average, selling 3.2 units per line per store.

Maybe this New Year the focus will be on a few glasses of wine and beer around the dinner table and home comforts… Get a fire going and snuggle down with Netflix and popcorn just one more time!

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