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Ice Cream Bestsellers

Which ice creams sell best in your store?

One of the biggest treats of the summer is Ice Cream! To make the most of the sunshine in your store, make sure you have the right brands in stock and on display!

Ice cream sales naturally take off when the weather warms up. The biggest selling month is July – with the exception of 2020 where the peak came earlier due to lockdown! 2022 is currently following the expected sales pattern, but higher than before the pandemic.

Ice Cream - Sales per Store
Ice Cream - Sales per Type

Ice Cream is the dominant sub-category, and in the current year to date accounts for 82.5% of category sales. Ice Lollies and Ice Pops (combined) have gradually reduced from 19.5% to 16.7% of sales.

Within Ice Cream, the dominance of Handheld products has been reducing as sales of Tubs/Blocks have increased.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream is just a very small section of this category. It has increased its share over the last 3 years……but has fallen slightly in the current year.

Ice Cream - Brand Share of Spend
Ben & Jerrys6.3%7.4%10.0%16.6%

Although the order of the top 5 brands hasn't changed, Magnum & Classic are losing share, whilst Ben & Jerrys, Cadbury and Cornetto are all increasing.

These are the top selling brands in each sub-category:

Ice Creams
Ice Cream - Handheld Ice Cream
8712100836169Magnum Classic Chocolate Ice Cream 110ml
8712100836275Magnum White Chocolate 110ml
8000920400487Walls Twister 80ml
8712100889233Walls Solero Exotic 90ml
8712100888274Walls Feast 90ml
Ice Cream - Ice Cream Tubs
8711327373105Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough Ice Cream 465ml
8711327370708Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 465ml
5020379153294Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Tub 900ml Pm225
8711327373013Ben & Jerrys Phish Food Ice Cream 465ml
5020379153317Classic Caramel & Fudge Ice Cream Tub 900ml Pm225
Ice Cream - Ice Lollies
5015282125056Bobbys Ice Snapper 90ml
5010238020393Nestle Fruit Pastilles Lollies 4Pk £2.25Pm
5010238020416Vimto Lollies 6Pk Pm£1.25
5010238016877Nestle Fruit Pastille Lolly 65ml
5014733002120Whirlz Ice Lolly 80ml Pm75
Ice Cream - Ice Pops
8000920401170Walls Calippo Orange 105ml
5020379153768Classic Orange Pop Up 110ml Pm60
5020379153799Classic Apple &Blackcurrant Pop Up 110ml Pm60
8000920461235Calippo Cola 105ml
5060221241847Tango 2 In 1 Ice Pops
Ice Cream - Dairy Free
Barcode Description
8711327313712Magnum Vegan Classic 90ml
8711327373723Ben & Jerrys Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 465 ml
8711327374904Ben & Jerrys Vegan Cookies on Cookie Dough Ice Cream 465 ml
8714100658277Magnum Vegan Almond 90ml
8714100658420Magnum Vegan Classic 270ml 3pk
Ice Cream - Low Fat
1230000022057Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
1230000022019Halo Top Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1230000022040Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

In 2019, low fat options accounted for 0.13% of category sales. In 2020 this dropped to 0.03% and fell again to 0.02% in 2021. These lines might do well for you if you have a local slimming group.

Make sure your customers can find the brands they are looking for while the sun shines!

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