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Self-Serve EPoS designed for Convenience

Self-Serve EPoS for Faster Queue Speeds

Whether you’ve been standing in a queue wondering if the person in front could count their small change any slower or if you’re behind the till trying to serve everyone at once – we’ve all wished there was a quicker way.

The solution – as the supermarkets have all proved - is to open a self-serve till so customers can check out without needing a second or third cashier.

Self-Serve from ShopMate

Developed especially for Convenience Stores

The ShopMate SelfServe units have been developed specially to suit the needs of convenience stores.

  • Contactless or card purchases only mean fast turnaround and secure transactions
  • The till is customer friendly and easy to use and accepts barcoded items and programmable hotkeys
  • Age restricted items can be approved using the interface that your team is already familiar with
  • Our light pole will alert your team if the customer requires assistance – and the customer can continue scanning other items
  • For those stores who need it, a fitted scale is available to allow customers to purchase fresh produce by weight
  • For most stores it’s possible to convert an existing ShopMate Flytech 325 or a ShopMate Flytech 455 into a SelfServe unit. Some stores will need to buy Space poles – which allow you to swivel the screen around to face the customer – so that they can use it instead of your staff. You switch ShopMate from “normal” to “SelfServe” simply by scanning a QR code on the scanner. You can even keep your MediaMaster screen pointing towards the customer.

    We can check compatibility with your existing hardware over the phone - so you don’t have to invest in expensive new hardware – or give up some of your valuable selling space to a whole new unit – just adapt what you’ve already got!

    Give us a call or complete the form below to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

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