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Is the Forecast all Sunshine?

We look at Suncare Product Sales

Whether it is for a fun, family afternoon in the garden with a paddling pool or a jet setting holiday abroad, we all need to stock up on sun care products. Sun care products include SPF products, SPF products for children, After-Sun remedies, Lip Balm and Instant Tan products. We looked at sales of these products in convenience stores.

Suncare - Average Sales per Store
Suncare - Average Sales per Region

In 2020 sales of sun care products dropped, which was likely a result of the lockdown. 2021 sales were much higher – possibly as the restrictions relaxed, allowing for staycations and more outdoor activity generally.

In convenience stores across the country, the amount of sun care products sold vary by region. The highest average sales per store in 2021 were in the South East, though this doesn’t necessarily speak of the warmer temperature down South – Sales in the South West, traditionally one of the holiday staycation favourite locations in the UK, showed the lowest sales.

The pie chart shows the percentage of spend that was allocated to each product type in 2021. Fake tan is down from 0.9% and 0.6% in 2019 and 2020 respectively. SPF creams are lower and After-Sun sales were higher in 2021 (15%) than in 2019 (12%) or 2020 (12.9%); presumably the need for After-Sun depends on whether customers previously purchased the SPF cream!

The biggest increase in average store sales compared to 2019 were: East Midlands (Skegness, Mablethorpe), Yorkshire & Humber (Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby), North West (Blackpool, The Lakes), South West (Devon, Cornwall).

It is important to note that this category is very small. Actual cash profit is below £2.00 per month, which could suggest these products are taking up valuable shelf space. However, given this is likely to be an emergency purchase, it could be bringing new shoppers who might then add other items to their basket such as drinks, ice creams, or snacks. It therefore might benefit those stores that are located near tourist areas, beaches or parks to stock these items.

Suncare - Share of Spend 2021
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