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Movember Men
Charity Fundraiser

ShopMate's Movember Mission: Shaving Beards, Growing Moustaches, and Supporting Men's Health

A Month of Facial Hair Transformations and Charitable Dedication.

To show their support for the Movember men’s charity, our boys have selflessly removed their beards and have spent the entire month of November replacing them with some impressive moustaches. Many of them had beards to remove at the beginning of the month and the experience of a bare chin was mostly recorded as “almost traumatic…”

Phill, Technical Support Manager, said “Everyone enjoys doing the actual shave. We trim our beards into different styles as we’re making it smaller and smaller. Goatee and sideburns, then the VanDyke, maybe a soul patch, or Charlie Chaplin…. And then it’s gone. And we regret everything.”


Tom, Technical Support Team Leader, who hadn’t been clean shaven since his wedding in 2016, described the feeling of losing his beard as akin to “watching the love of your life leave on an aeroplane as you arrive too late at the airport.”

Ben, Technical Support Team Leader, said “Everyone thinks it’s hilarious! With a beard I look a lot older than I actually am, without one I look far younger, I can’t find a good middle ground.”

James from Technical Support doesn’t find growing facial hair very easy – but is proud to be involved – he says “barely anyone has noticed anything different since my beard has gone – and since it’ll probably take me several months to grow a moustache, no one will!”

Ian, Sales Support Manager, who initiated the fundraiser, was keen to support the Movember charity which raises money in aid of male mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. “The last time I was completely clean shaven was when I got married back in 2012. I usually keep it trimmed and tidy but not completely shaved. When we originally planned to do this as a group back in September, I decided to let it grow out a bit more than usual so that it would be more of a shock when I took it off! While my face feels exposed without the beard, I know that it is for a good cause, with a good bunch of friends together.”

Stephen, our Chairman, doesn’t usually have a beard – so he’s eagerly awaiting the 1st December so he can remove his ‘tache – but he was “keen to join in with the team and help raise money for the cause.”

Greg, Marketing and Creative Manager, grew his 'tache with ease so joining in was an easy decision.

Kevin, Third Line Support, aka DevChamp, admitted that he hadn’t really been involved in Movember but just grew a moustache because everyone else was.

The team have raised a s‘tache of cash totalling £223 so far – and are still accepting donations via the link:

Fan-Tache Tech Movember Fundraiser

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