EPoS for Parfetts Stores

ShopMate has been designed to work with all of Parfetts' Symbol Groups. We work alongside your Retail Development Advisor to ensure that you get full support, not just when setting up your new EPoS but ongoing support, as you manage your business.

All stores benefit from our UK based Support team 365 days a year and since all our software development and testing is in house, we have experts on hand who can resolve issues swiftly.

Get the deal that's right for you


Our special offer for Parfetts Symbol stores. If you're in Go Local, Go Local Extra or The Local, then you can get your EPoS Bundle complimentary of Parfetts and just pay our pre-agreed service fees.

If you're interested in taking advance of PARFETTS EPOS FOR DATA, please speak to your Parfetts RDA.


If you don't belong to a Symbol Group but purchase your stock from Parfetts then you can take advantage of a reduced bundle price of £899 and pre-agreed competitive service fees.

If you're interested, please CONTACT US.

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How ShopMate Helps Parfetts Stores Flourish

Wholesaler Price File

Our system updates with all the prices from your wholesaler to give you the most up to date records for all products and promotions. When price changes are made for items in stock, the system notifies your team to change shelf strips accordingly. You maintain control – if you wish to alter your own prices, you can override it, quickly and easily.

Hardware Offer

Parfetts stores benefit from hardware supplied by their wholesaler subject to terms and conditions and a weekly minimum spend.

MediaMaster Promotions

Parfetts stores benefit from automated promotional advertisements each trading period to match wholesaler promotions. Media screens also run branded promotions. In addition, you can run your own, personalised ads or messages on your screens. Retailers maintain control with the ability to veto ads they do not wish to run.

Branded Local Loyalty

Parfetts stores are able to brand Local Loyalty cards to coordinate with their store fascia so it makes it easy for customers to associate offers with your store.

Wholesaler Direct Orders

ShopMate tracks all of your stock incoming and sold. This means you'll always be able to keep track of your best sellers and know which items to order. You can send an automated order to your preferred wholesale depot through your ShopMate EPoS system. ShopMate will also process your ENOD (Electronic Notice of Delivery) automatically.

Basket Home Delivery

All stores can sign up to offer home deliveries with Basket. We help you upload 500 best selling products and make it easy for you to get online. Your customers download the Basket App to place their orders and pay.

Special Offer - Free Local Loyalty Setup for Parfetts Retailers - Just £5.25 per week!

ShopMate has its own loyalty system, integrated with your ShopMate EPoS so you can use the data from your store to make targeted promotions at the right time to encourage footfall or clear lines.

Now, as a Parfetts retailer, you can take advantage of free setup, which means you'll receive all of the promotional material needed to get started Free of Charge

How Loyalty Helps You Flourish

  • Customisable | Make your loyalty card your own - match it to your Parfetts fascia so it is easily recognisable to everyone in the neighbourhood
  • Communicate | Stay in touch with your most important customers and encourage repeat visits with regular updates from the store
  • Promote | Loyalty isn't just for big box stores. You can offer targeted promotions and measure the results

Parfetts Local Loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Services
ShopMate features a range of benefits and services designed to help you flourish and take the hard work out of EPoS.

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