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Now powered by solar

In July, 2022, RDP completed major structural work on its headquarters in Rutland. Part of this renovation was to install a substantial array of Photo-Voltaic Solar Panels across the roof of the building.

RDP has taken its environmental responsibilities seriously for many years, and implementing solar power into our energy mix is just the latest in a range of activities designed to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

Some of these other activities include:

  • The digitisation of our paper-archive to a digital solution
  • A recycling policy across the entire business
  • Responsible recycling of electronic waste
  • Working to use digital infrastructure that is entirely powered via renewable energy (via Amazon Web Services)
  • Recycling rainwater for relevant use later on
  • The protection of our green spaces and the development of wildland
  • The production and release of a full environmental policy, due in late 2022

As well as being environmentally sensible, this latest development will also aid in keeping operating costs low in light of increasing energy costs which, in turn, helps us to continue offering affordable service fees to our customers.

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