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Ready for a Cracking Easter?

There's plenty to get eggcited about!

Easter Average Daily Stores Sales

In 2020 we saw elevated sales for Easter. Whilst supermarkets and the media argued about whether Easter Eggs were deemed as an “essential” purchase, people hurriedly went about buying confectionery wherever it was available for those they weren’t able to visit. We were in full lockdown.

Last year, sales dropped slightly compared to 2020, but remain higher than the base year of 2019. Shoppers were more wary that lockdown or travel rules could be imposed - restrictions had lifted a little, to allow the meeting of up to 6 people outdoors – and there were no organised events. Sales for Easter week 2021 were down -4.0% compared to Easter week 2020, but ahead of 2019 by +24.5%

Easter - Best Selling Cakes
Barcode Product Name
5000221603665Cadbury 4 Mini Egg Nests
5000221103820Cadbury Mini Egg Choc Cakes
5000221606994Cadbury 4 Creme Egg Cakes
5050360014693Perfection Easter Butterfly Cakes Pm £1.49
5000221607007Cadbury Creme Egg Gateau
5000221105299Cad Mini Egg Choc Gateau
5000221605218Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes 2Pk
5000221606284Cadbury Creme Egg Cakes
653168000506Easter Cakes
5000221605140Mr Kipling Egg Fancies 8Pk

Without restrictions this year (assuming the trend continues), we could see the same drop again, but as weekly sales still remain ahead of 2019, this decrease should be minimal.

Easter shopping seems to focus more on gifting, rather than meal components – Easter chocolate confectionery did particularly well last year and made up a larger share of total chocolate confectionery than the previous Easter.

Easter Products Average Sales
Category Average Store Sales 2020Average Store Sales 2021YoY%
Easter Cakes22.8614.5836
Easter Biscuits12.0811.138
Hot Cross Buns21.6912.4443
Easter Ice Cream12.006.6944
Mint Sauce4.393.4222
Lamb Gravy/Seasoning1.401.6518
Easter Average Weekly Sales

Keep an eye out for the new products announced for this year: • Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun (Chocolate Block) • Cadbury Twirl Orange Easter Egg • Mixed box of Cadbury Crème Egg/Caramel Egg/Oreo Egg

This year Easter falls on 17th April 2022 – for the best sales ensure the focus is on Easter gifting - flowers do well - and ensure cakes and Easter eggs are merchandised prominently.

Easter Bestsellers
50201600Cadbury Creme Egg Single 40g
7622210882974Cadbury Mini Eggs Bag 80g
7622210498519Cad Creme Egg Medium Egg
50201969Cad Caramel Egg
5000159481663Mars Medium Egg
7613287151735Kit Kat Chunky Medium Egg
57026619Cadbury Oreo Egg
7622201102197Cdm Small Chunk Egg
7613032592776Milkybar Egg Small
7622210817297Cadburys Caramel Eggs 5Pk
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