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Seasonal Stock Clearance
What's your approach?
When Christmas has been and gone, stores need to deal with any leftover seasonal stock as quickly as possible so that they can restock their shelves with faster selling stock for the New Year. We asked our customers to let us know how they deal with seasonal stock.
Do you try BEFORE Christmas to clear seasonal stock?
We asked: Do you try BEFORE Christmas to clear seasonal stock?

This is a good approach if you’re concerned that you have too much seasonal stock, reducing early while demand is still high means you’ll move the lines faster – perhaps only needing a small reduction to encourage shoppers to buy.

31.8% responded that they do not favour this approach – they prefer to sell products at full price up until the big day itself

26.3% of respondents only use this approach if items are nearing their Best Before dates.

26.3% do ensure all seasonal items are reduced in advance to clear them while demand is still high

15.8% clear bulky items so the store is tidy but most reductions are made in January.

A store from Wales added this advice: “Sell more of the best-selling lines and less of the slower lines and sell off before Christmas if you have to.” Right Content

We asked: Do you create a dedicated space in the store to highlight leftover seasonal products

Shoppers love a bargain – and highlighting these in one place can be a great way to move stock quickly. However, in a smaller store, space can be limited making this tactic difficult to implement.

52.6% of respondents favour the single display

36.8% prefer to add reduced labels to the shelf but leave the product in situ

5.3% have a big January sale

5.3% do not reduce any stock at all – it soon sells anyway

A Scottish Store gave this top tip: “On Boxing Day I tend to reduce any seasonal goods - we don't usually have much left as I don't over stock. Once it’s gone it’s gone, as we get close to Christmas Day there is never a lot to reduce - folk will buy last minute so why reduce your margin even more?”

Do you create a dedicated space in the store to highlight leftover seasonal products?
Does having seasonal stock impact the amount of new stock you’re able to buy?

We asked: Does having seasonal stock impact the amount of new stock you’re able to buy?

If sales of remaining seasonal stock have slowed down it might make sense to reduce the lines so that you can replace them on the shelves with lines that sell more quickly now that Christmas has passed.

44.4% of stores who responded said They had plenty of space and they weren’t concerned that the lines wouldn’t sell.

27.8% of stores felt there wasn’t any point buying in new stock to replace seasonal if there wasn’t space for it

16.7% had cleared their seasonal stock before Christmas and were free to restock as usual

11.1% replied that it kept cash tied up if seasonal stock hung around for too long

A store from the South East suggested that stores could “Buy sale or return products” and a store from Wales said their approach was that “Every shop is different; we generally buy reduced priced stock just before Christmas knowing that we will still be selling it a month or more later”.

There are many different approaches that stores can take – for stores who already have the RDP DataLogic Memor, our Zebra SEL Printer can help with the process of producing shelf edge labels. Worn around the waist, you can visit your shelves and print reduced labels as you go – saving time and effort.

We especially rated the tip from a store in the Yorkshire and Humber region to “make a list of the products that were clear excellent sellers and buy early for Next Year”. Your ShopMate reports will be able to help you make your list.

This survey was completed by 39 stores from across the UK.

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