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Keep a check on your reports and management functions with an internet connection.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be in control of your EPoS system. Our BackOffice service allows you to connect to your ShopMate tills from anywhere.

BackOffice is used everyday by 2,045 customers who find the insights it provides incredibly useful. Stores can see sales by category or drill down to individual barcodes to see which lines are selling well. Stores can also examine baskets to determine products that sell well together.

If you have an internet connection, you can keep a check on your reports and management functions. That means you don’t have to make a late-night trip to the store to check on things and you get instant reassurance that everything is running smoothly when you take a much-deserved day off.


How BackOffice helps you flourish

Live Reports

ShopMate already provides you with reports on finances, category sales, profits, footfall and more. BackOffice gives you remote access to all your reports so you can keep up to date and manage your store from anywhere.

Real-Time Promotions

Have a moment of inspiration? With BackOffice, you can create and manage promotions on the go, see how well they’ve done in real-time reports and tweak them from anywhere to make your business even more profitable.

Real-Time Prices

ShopMate automatically updates price files as part of our service to you. BackOffice will give you remote access to your prices so you can manage pricing accordingly and print updated Shelf Edge Labels from your till or your computer.

Did You Know?

BackOffice stores experience 15% more turnover on average. We think the tools that make BackOffice great have something to do with this.

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