ShopMate Self-Serve
Bust queues with no additional staff

Self-Serve Checkout

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs

ShopMate offers a simple screen that uses your existing hardware to turn one of your tills into a self-service checkout during busy times.

There are a few options to consider: Mounted on a space-pole, you can use the till as a normal unit, but during busy times, or when you’re short of serving staff, just swivel it around to face the customers, switch on self-serve mode, and customers in a hurry can scan, pay and get on their way! You could also have a freestanding unit for your Self-Serve till, or mount it on a wall.

ShopMate Self-Serve allows transactions of barcoded items paid by card, to reduce risk and prevent delays, and at a fraction of the cost of competitor self-scan options.

With the rising cost of doing business, especially in terms of wages, ShopMate self-serve is the perfect way to offer your customers speedy checkouts, while protecting your operating costs.

Freestanding Self-Serve Till
How ShopMate Self-Serve Helps You Flourish

Easy to use

Our intuitive interface makes transactions a breeze for your customers.


Card only transactions keeps your self-serve unit low-risk.

Legal Compliance

Authorised sales can be carried out by approved staff on self-serve.

Bust Queues

Offer your customers a better experience with more open lanes.

No additional hardware

Just scan your user code, swivel your till, and you're ready to go.

Get setup today

If your hardware is compatible, we can set you up over the phone on the same day.
Get ShopMate Self-Serve Today - Just £4 per week

Bust queues and improve your customers experience instantly

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