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Sports and Energy Drinks

Does your store stock Prime?

In 2022 Prime drinks, Hydrate and Energy, were launched by social media influencers and boxing rivals KSI and Logan Paul. They’re not readily available in the UK except at some branches of Asda and Aldi, but some convenience stores have managed to obtain stock. There is even an app available to help shoppers locate stores who are stocking the drink.

Prime is a ‘hydration’ drink that comes in a variety of flavours and is hugely popular due to effective online marketing and leverage of their combined YouTube followers of almost 40 million. The resulting buying frenzy has led to some stores raising prices. The press reports that some stores are selling the drinks for as much as £100 per bottle, but the highest price in our data was £26. This price represented a very small fraction of the bottles sold; most were sold between £7-7.99 which likely reflects the high cost of obtaining stock in such a high demand period. In April 2023, stock is set to become easier to obtain as it will be officially launched by the Brand. Prime first sold in our stores in July 2022. Throughout 2022 it was sold in 266 stores – just 7.4% of those stores which sold Sports & Energy Drinks.

Range of Prices - Prime
Sports & Energy Drinks - Average Unit Sales Per Store

Sales of Sports & Energy Drinks, as with all Soft Drinks, have a strong relationship to the weather - there are higher sales in the warmer months. Average unit sales in July 2022 were 46% higher than in February 2022.

Sales of all sports and energy drinks were also higher every month in 2022 than the same month in 2021. What’s interesting is that during the peak sales period seen in the summer, Sports & Energy Drinks account for less share of Total Soft Drinks spend than in the cooler months.

Sports and Energy Drinks - Bestsellers
Barcode Description
90446061Red Bull 250ml Can Pm £1.35
90446092Red Bull Can 473ml Pm £2.15
90446085Red Bull Can 355ml Pm £1.69
5060896623122Monster Energy Can 500ml Pm £1.45
5060896623214Monster Juiced Mango Loco Can 500ml Pm £1.49
5060896623368Monster Pipeline Punch Can 500ml Pm £1.49
5054267010840Lucozade Energy Orange Pet 900ml Pm £1.50
5054267011960Lucozade Sport Orange Pet 500ml Pm £1.25
5054267012165Lucozade Energy Orange Pet 380ml Pm £1.25
5054267011977Lucozade Sport Raspberry Pet 500ml Pm £1.25

There were 55 brands of Sports & Energy Drink sold in our stores in 2022 (4 more brands than in 2021). The top 5 biggest selling brands accounted for almost 90% of spend in 2022. The same 5 brands topped the list in 2021, and in the same order, accounting for almost 90% of total spend.

The top 3 Red Bull barcodes account for almost a fifth of all Sports & Energy Drink sales. They were the top 3 biggest selling barcodes in 2021, and again accounted for nearly 20% of sales. Prime made it to number 17 in our list of brands for 2022.

Highest rate of sale for Sports & Energy Drinks is in the North East, and the lowest in the South West.

Hold onto your hats in April, when Prime becomes more widely available in the UK. Who knows, by then it might already be a busted flush – but on the other hand.

Sports and Energy Drinks - Regional Average Unit Sales Per Store
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