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St Patricks Day 2021

It’s not going to be the biggest event of the year, because this year, as with so many other celebrations, St Patrick’s Day is to be held under lockdown conditions. BUT, if St Patrick’s day has even half the impact on Guinness sales that it had last year – it’s worth getting in a few cases before the 17th of March!
Look at the graph below for confirmation – that’s what happened last year.
Alcohol Uplift - Wednesday 7th July vs Wednesday 30th June - Semi Final
Average Guinness Sales per Store per week 2020/2021

St Patricks Day, the Feast Day of St Patrick, marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland in the 5th Century and is celebrated on 17th March. The holy day marks the day of St Patrick’s death and so his entrance to heaven. The first St Patricks Day parade was, surprisingly, not held in Ireland, but in New York City in 1762 – but St Patrick himself didn’t originate from Ireland either – his place of birth is uncertain. In the years since the first parade the event has become a global phenomenon, with everyone claiming to have Irish roots and rowdily touring bars, swilling the black gold from Dublin, Guinness.

This year there will surely be fewer green leprechaun hats but our taste for Guinness hasn’t dried up, revellers will drink at home, on zoom and maybe even with a friend in an outdoor space! Sales last year took a healthy upward turn for St Patricks and we will surely see a similar rise this year.

It’s not always obvious which lines to stock so we’ve examined how the sales were broken down for each Guinness product in independent stores across the UK. The first table shows sales from 2020 in week 13 and the second table shows sales for the top ten selling Guinness products in 2021 in week 10.
Promotional Sales without MediaMaster
Promotional Sales without MediaMaster
2020 Guinness Sales during week 13
2021 Guinness Sales during week 10
St Patrick’s day celebrations aren’t limited to a specific area – as shown below, in 2020, all areas saw their sales increase in week 11.
Summer Average Weekly Sales Per Store
(2019 - 2020)
Summer Average Weekly Sales Per Store
(2019 - 2020)
Sales of Guinness in 2020

Higher sales so far in 2021 may indicate that we can expect a greater increase in the coming weeks.

Sales of Guinness so far in 2021

Get a Guinness display set up with a green, paper shamrock or two and remind your customers that the 17th March is still a day to be reckoned with!

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