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The Burning Issue

Retailers could feel the heat as new regulations come into force on 1st May. From the end of this month, retailers are no longer permitted to sell “traditional house coal” or “bituminous coal” and can only sell manufactured solid fuels that carry the Defra “ready to burn” logo.

Where wood is sold in volumes under 2 cubic metres, the logo must be displayed, and the wood must have a water content of less than 20%. Sellers must ensure the wood is sourced responsibly as well as stored in dry conditions.

This change is designed to improve air quality by reducing fine particulate matter in smoke.

Inspectors won’t just be hot under the collar if they discover retailers breaking the new regulations. If you sell the wrong type of fuel or fuel that is incorrectly labelled, local authorities can issue £300 fixed penalty notices, and further fines may be issued by the courts.

Further information on this hot topic can be found from the Defra Air Information Resource Website.

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